DeitreDeitre-Owner and Creator of A Leisure Moment? {Twitter}

My passion for reading started with one book and over the years has evolved into a never ending hobby. A hobby that can occur on early Saturday mornings or very late at night until my eyelids fail me and close on their own accord. A hobby that can easily slip into your purse and can be read in so many different mediums. A hobby that even when I’m commuting I’m surrounded by word after word from an unknown reader, doing all the work while I drive and listen. I read countless pages that carry me to new words, introduce me to unforgettable characters, brings joyous tears of sorrow to my eyes when novels come to an end. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am an educator. I am a reader. I read at a pace that is just right for me. Analyzing every detail, hoping to provide the next anxious reader with just a few sincere words about an author’s hard work and passion placed on paper.