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Teen Simon and Schuster
12 and up
Middle and Secondary Level

Receiving books in the mail, is like receiving a birthday present when it isn’t your birthday. ?When books come in the mail, I’m always excited and eager to find out what’s next to read. ?When I was the Great EST by Jayson Reynolds is coming out this month. ?I must say that the cover of this one threw me off ?a bit, but that’s perfectly fine. ?I’m going to give it a go this weekend. ?Never heard of this author, but I like reading books by those unknown to me. ?Many times there is a treasure waiting to be found.

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Tor Books/Macmillan
Secondary Level

So here is a classic, first published in 1986. ?This is what I caught Josh reading tonight. ?I have a good feeling there will be a review coming real soon! ?Be sure to stop by on Saturday, where I will announce our first A Leisure Moment giveaway! ?Until then…

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