{Audiobook Blast | Giveaway} Narrator: Marnye Young

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{Audiobook Blast | Giveaway} Narrator:  Marnye Young

{Audiobook Blast | Giveaway} Narrator:  Marnye YoungRomance: Regency Romance: Desired By a Duke Romance (A Regency Romance) on September 1st 2016
Pages: 131
Format: Audiobook
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Constance Sutton’s marriage to Thomas was one, just like many in the time, was arranged by her father and even though he was a good man to her, there was something missing. She spent her time sewing or singing and after a few performances across Devonshire, she was invited to sing for the duke’s birthday party, something she found to be a great honor. When the flirtatious duke, who had somewhat of a reputation for being a ladies man, asked her for a private drink, she reacted as any proper wife should and politely declined his invitation even though his handsome face burned itself into her mind. She spent the next few days thinking about the duke and when she was scheduled to return, something happens that makes her change her mind about being faithful to her husband and soon, she finds that she can’t live without the handsome duke, Jefferson Carlisle. Will she be able to hide her feelings about the duke from her husband? Can they find a way to be together or will her marriage to Thomas stand in the way of true love?

I have known Marnye for a long time. ?Our days go back to theatre in high school. ?Yes, that’s right, I liked to fall into the world of another person and land on the stage. ?Just now, it’s through books! ?However, Marnye, took her love for the arts further and I’m super excited for this next adventure she has taken. ?So when I saw this audio book up for grabs, I knew I wanted to listen to her in action. ?She has even decided to give away several audio copies of one of her latest narrations, Desired by a Duke by Brenda Clifton. ?So read about Marnye and be one of the first to get the audiobook in your hands enjoy! ?We will go with the first 15 people that sign up. {Deitre}



I am a Yale Grad with 13 years in the business and film tv and theatre credits. While on hiatus, I?decided to enter the world of audiobook narration full tilt 2 months ago after customizing my closet into a home studio that has allowed me to produce 5 books with 3 more in the works (including a contemporary romance, a young adult fiction in the vain of Twilight and a book out at the end of this month about learning to whisper to your body to help it heal). I am excellent with dialects including British and Eastern European and many different character voices. I am a stay at home mom to identical twin toddlers and I really enjoy reading to them and acting out all the parts. Ha ha ha. ?I am also a runner and author of the blog?momoftwinsblog.com?that pokes fun at parenting but has a serious side as well.


Click on this link and be one of the first 15 to sign up to receive a free audio book of Desired by a Duke by Brenda Clifton, narrated by Marnye Young. ?

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