[Book Review] Ashes to Ashes By Melissa Walker

Publication Information December 23, 2013 Katherine Tegan/HarperCollins Ashes to Ashes felt like something I have read before. However, I really could not put my finger on it. The story begins with a smooth introduction to the main character Callie. It is here where the reader begins to learn about her […]

{Book Review} The Darkest Path By: Jeff Hirsch + Giveaway

Young Adult FictionDystopianSeptember 24, 2013Scholastic Press Including a country at war with its self and a cultish regime that threatens to tear apart two brothers, the Darkest Path strikes you as a hauntingly original novel. With Darkest Path being his third book, Jeff Hirsch shows improvement in his mastery of […]

{A Little Mid-Week Moment}

Publication Information Teen Simon and Schuster 12 and up Middle and Secondary Level Receiving books in the mail, is like receiving a birthday present when it isn’t your birthday. ?When books come in the mail, I’m always excited and eager to find out what’s next to read. ?When I was […]

{The Beginning of Something New}

A Leisure Moment consist of reviews ranging from children’s books, middle level and young adult fiction. ?We may include an occasional inspirational title, however all books will be elementary, middle and/or secondary level appropriate. A book and a blog brought us closer together in this literary world of amazing reading. […]